A Colorado Proud Cookie Shop

We are a woman-owned and family-operated Colorado Proud Cookie Shop. The Urban Cookie was born out of our love for cookies and passion for being in a bakery and creating jobs. We opened our doors in January of 2021, filling a personal hole after being out of the industry for a few years.

Colorado Proud Cookie Shop family-operated

Photo credit: Denver Dish 2022

Pandemic Resolution

During the pandemic, it was quickly realized that our lives here on Earth could be taken at a moment’s notice. Life is too short not to do what you love and live a little. So, there came the desire to resolve to do what we love best. We decided to open a little cookie shop to serve big cookie flavors and hopefully bring a little joy to others during such a grim time.

Why “Urban Cookie”

We love Denver and felt the dessert scene needed something edgy but familiar. “Urban” gives one a feeling of being in the heart of the hustle and the chaos. It is messy but beautiful. Large but intimate. To us, Urban is all-encompassing, to involve and include all. Open to serve all and proud to be on our little strip of Colfax Ave, truly in the heart of Denver.

Assorted cookies from Colorado Proud Cookie Shop at The Urban Cookie

Photo Credit: Denver Dish 2022

We are a Colorado Proud Cookie Shop

Colorado is full of great start-ups, restaurants, manufacturing, and other forms of commerce; why not have a cookie shop Colorado can call its own and be proud of? The Urban Cookie strives to offer the freshest cookies made with the best ingredients and locally sourced as often as possible. We hope to grow our love of cookies from one shop to many in the coming years. Join us in this Cookie revival.

Stop by or drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you.